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The real story

Time to reveal the truth about Laura Snake

The reality is that Laura Snake is a fake influencer - every single photo, comments or photo captions is generated with AI. Followers, likes and views, also generated with automated bots.


Let's start with the photos. All photos that you see on Laura Snake's social media profiles are fake. Yes, every single one. The profile picture, the selfies, the photos of the sunset, the beach - all of them are automatically generated in seconds with AI. These photos may look real, but they are not.

Likes, comments and invites

The same goes for the likes and comments. They are also fake. Almost all comments are generated by bots, and the likes are bought (2500 likes = $1) along with the fake followers. Even on LinkedIn, Laura Snake's profile is fake. More than half of the invites she received were accepted in seconds. These people don't know her because she doesn't exist.


What about the followers? The first 125k followers that Laura Snake has are also fake. You can buy 50000 followers for $10, and that's exactly what Laura Snake did. These followers are not real people who are interested in what Laura Snake has to say or sell - they are simply bots created to inflate her follower count.

Rise of Fakefluencers

It's not just Laura Snake, either. The rise of AI-generated content means that there will be more and more fake influencers like me in the coming years. Not just on social media, but also on dating sites, chat apps and other online platforms. The AI technology is not limited to text and photos, a rise of fake video and audio are the next steps.

Dear followers/connections

The next time you come across an influencer with a massive following and perfect photos, remember that it's not necessarily real. There may be no real person behind it all, it can be a scammer or someone who wants to sell products and services.

Be aware of the AI power, this is just the start!